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Our IPM communities are focused on driving insight and discussion throughout key areas within the promotional marketing spectrum. Being a part of our community group is an exclusive member benefit, giving members the opportunity to network, learn and create positive change for the promotional marketing industry.

Brand Partnerships

This IPM Community demonstrates the power of partnership marketing. It will share learnings, best practise and insight from multiple sectors, validating the power of brand partnerships. With access to case studies and networking opportunities, whilst creating its own bespoke content, this Community is the epicentre for those fully engrained within the sector and a resource for those setting out in it.

Who Should Get Involved?

Whether you are an independent, an agency or a brand, this community provides vital network opportunities in Brand Partnerships.

The Benefits

  • Share valuable insights amongst the community,
  • create opportunities to grow your network.
  • Gain access to valuable resources for your wider team.



The voice of the experiential industry, this Community unites a broad range of skillsets under a set of common work streams. From developing a measurement and effectiveness tool for experiential marketing campaigns, to best practice templates and a bespoke training module this Community provides a hub of information and resource for this varied industry sector.

Who Should Get Involved?

Whether you solely deal in experiential marketing or it’s a part of your wider business offering, our experiential effectiveness community

What are the Benefits?

  • Be a part of the experiential effectiveness research group.
  • Contribute to industry insight and benchmarking
  • Access insightful research and resources.

Experiential Effectiveness

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Incentive, Prize & Loyalty

Created to support, educate and advance the strategic value of the incentive, prize and reward industry, this IPM Community will deliver a rich stream of content to its members. From White Papers to industry insights as well as collaborative opportunities it presents a unified front to the industry in illustrating the tangible benefits of this incredibly effective work stream.

Who should get involved?

Incentives, Prize and Loyalty promotions are fundamental tactics in the promotional marketing industry. This is a great community for incentive providers, flat-fee product providers and prize management companies.

What are the benefits?

  • Network and insight sharing with a wide range of businesses.
  • Deliver thought leadership and best practices.
  • Access a wide range of agencies and partners.

Promotional Marketing Services

Providing a platform to promote best practice standards and generate its own thought leadership concepts whilst partnering with additional, relevant associations, this Community will support and advise those agencies involved at the sharp end of delivering promotional marketing services. It will provide a resource-rich bank of information and content, all geared towards promoting the success of the PMS sector.

Who Should Get Involved?

Promotional marketing services are a cornerstone of the industry, suitable for companies with services such as fulfilment, promotions handling, staffing or coupons.

What are the Benefits?

  • Share and develop industry insight and best practice.


  • Identify new opportunities and explore new technologies.

  • Address industry challenges as a collective.

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